Knot on Hands

Brace for Impact

Creation 2020

In Brace for Impact three acrobats search for the limits of balance.

In their quest of an equilibrium, they find new ways of moving forward and travelling through space.

On their journey they explore each other’s (im)possibilities and find out what it means to put all their weight in someone else’s hands.

Knot on Hands shows an innovative and more organic form of partner acrobatics, while emphasizing the pureness of the movement, and distinguishes itself using a unique physical language.

Facts & Figures

  • outdoor | indoor
  • fixed place
  • language no problem
  • suitable for all ages
  • 30 minutes
  • 2 x per day
  • Rotterdam (NL)
  • Website

Britt, Mario and Tijs are three young circus artists from The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.
Having come from separate youth circuses and meeting at Codarts circus arts, they bring a whole entourage of ideas and skills into their acrobatic trio, Knot on Hands.
Britt with her delightful playfulness and sheer bravery is the flyer of Tijs, a powerful and dynamic base who’s energy and motivation keeps the wheels turning. Then there’s Mario, a perfectly balanced and equally powerful middle. His openness and willing make him the third and final piece to the puzzle.
Knot on Hands graduated in 2019 from Codarts circus arts in Rotterdam with a first version of Brace for Impact. In the following year the material was developed into a full performance.

Performers   Britt Timmermans, Mario Kunzi, Tijs Bastiaens
Concept, choreography, dramaturgy &
  Britt Timmermans, Mario Kunzi, Tijs Bastiaens
Outside eye   Merel Heering
With the support of   Kim Jomi-Fischer & Marta Alstadsæter

With the support of
Circunstruction and Zirkus ON