Cie Dyptik

Mirage, a day of celebration

Crea. 2021

Fences and barbed wire, rusty metal sheets on roofs of dwellings, hanging flags, solid footsteps striking the ground with elegance, chins up and colorful clothes, carefully put together…

This is the image of the Balata camp in the West Bank. That unreal, absurd, and magical place is the inspiration for our new artistic creation.
An immersive setting questions the standards, the stage itself and the audience. The impulse of the traditional dances, in its concentric shape, embodies the scenography. The energy circulates between the fringes and the centre of the stage.
Inhabited by this collective force, the movement becomes a projectile to expose torture and injustice.

A hanging image inspired by a so violent desire that exceeds reality… A mirage.

Facts & Figures

  • outdoor
  • fixed place
  • language no problem
  • audience participation
  • suitable for all ages
  • 50 minutes
  • 1 or 2 times a day
  • Saint-Étienne (FR)
  • Website

Nonchalant and uninterested in consensus, Compagnie Dyptik dances its identity and revolt with force and authenticity. We are committed in our relationship to alterity, to other people and the body. We explore what it means to be human. With special attention to humankind’s history, we consider the intimate and the depth of things.
Through artistic creation and transmission, when we accompany and when we host, or when we bring people together… We dig for the visceral, what is most powerful in each and every one. Sometimes to exhaustion.

Dyptik was founded in 2012 by choreographers Mehdi Meghari and Souhail Marchiche.
The company is based in Saint-Etienne, France and has the support of the city of Saint-Etienne, the DRAC, the region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and the Loire department.
Already in their founding year 2012, Compagnie Dyptik started exploring the theme of identity, through two choreographic pieces: En quête (2012) and Dyptik (2014).
The company then continued to tackle the topic of revolt with D-Construction (2016), Dans l’Engrenage (2017) Le Cri (2018) and Mirage (2021).
Apart from creating performances, Dyptik also organises numerous community projects and, since 2014, the Hip-Hop dance festival TRAX.
The company is committed to the values of sharing, cultural exchange and engaging with other people. The company opens their studio in St. Etienne to artists and the public and creates a true platform for residencies and performances.

Artistic Direction   Souhail Marchiche, Mehdi Meghari
Choreography   Souhail Marchiche, Mehdi Meghari
Dancers   Anabella Pirosanto, Alexandra Jezouin, Yohann Daher, Charly Bouges, Carla Munier, Camilla Melani, Kohn Ming Xiong, Santiago Cordon Gras.
Sound Designer   Patrick de Oliveira 
Scenography   Charles Boinot

Cie Dyptik, HH Producties, CNAREP Atelier 231 / Sotteville les Rouen, CNAREP Les Ateliers Frappaz / Villeurbanne, CNAREP Moulin Fondu – Cie Oposito / Garges les Gonesse, CNAREP Sur le Pont / La Rochelle , CCN de la Rochelle / Cie Accrorap,  Les Tombées de la Nuit / Rennes, Théâtre de Cusset, Institut Francais d’Algérie, Institut Français du Maroc

With the support of
Domaine de Bayssan / Béziers, Centre Culturel du Château de Goutelas / Marcoux, Le Fil - SMAC de St Etienne, Ville du Chambon Feugerolles, Ville de Sorbiers

This creation benefited from the programs “Écrire pour la rue” / SACD et Festival des 7 Collines (St Étienne) - “Aide Nationale à la création pour les arts de la rue” / DGCA

Cie Dyptik is accredited by DRAC and Région Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes, Département de la Loire and Ville de Saint-Étienne.

Cie Dyptik is associated artist with IADU La Villette, Théâtre de Cusset / Scène conventionnée d’intérêt national « Art et Création » pour les Arts du Cirque et la Danse.

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