L'Effet Escargot

What can you do with ski’s on a circus track?

What can you do with juggling balls, a table and three drawers? And what can you do with four pieces of wood?

In a rustic and warm atmosphere, Kadavresky answers these unusual questions by restyling acrobatics and circus disciplines. Chance and coincidence lead the show, and because chance usually is not the best basis to build your performance, burlesque situations, crazy acrobatics and extraordinary surprises will come around.

Slowly, but surely, the artists continue to follow their path full of obstacles. With only purpose…. to blow us away!

Facts & Figures

  • outdoor | indoor
  • fixed place
  • language no problem
  • suitable for all ages
  • 55 minutes
  • 1 or 2 x per day
  • Grenoble (FR)
  • Website

Kadavresky is a French circus company founded by five young versatile artists. Kadavresky's performances are a mix of acrobatics, music and circus such as clown, straps, juggling, Chinese pole and even acrobatics on skis!

Their idiosyncratic way of working, based on improvisation and experimentation, led to their first joint creation L’Effet Escargot in 2012.

L'Effet Escargot is a humorous circus performance made up of apparent coincidences. Extraordinary surprises follow crazy acrobatics and burlesque situations in an absurd logic. In France, Kadavresky has performed more than 250 performances with L'Effet Escargot and about 50 times abroad. In 2018, the company embarked on a new adventure with its second creation: Les Madeleines de Poulpe.

Concept / Mise en scène   Léo Blois, Jean-Loup Buy, Maël Deslandes, Noé Renucci and alterning Simon Berger or Tristan Curty
Artists   Léo Blois, Jean-Loup Buy, Maël Deslandes, Noé Renucci ; and alterning Simon Berger or Tristan Curty
Light creation   Tony Dreux
Outside Eye   Fred Blin and Laurent Cabrol

Le Phare, l’ETAC ; Le Palais des Beaux-Arts de Charleroi ; Métamis Création.

Laurent Cabrol and Fred Blin, Emel Montigny, Compagnie Chabatz d’entrar, Noctambules, L’atelier Vingt Point Douze.

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