Rode Boom

Unknown Evidences

Thousands of fireflies going on and off at the same time in the trees.
Two people, far from each other, who go through the same experience at the very same moment.

The word ‘coincidence’ has so many different definitions that all these definitions cancel each other out, and only an empty space is left. Kurt Demey and Joris Vanvinckenroye try in Unknown Evidences to challenge ‘coincidence’ in order to catch a glimpse of its existence.

The audience find themselves in a crossover of theatre, music and mentalism where coincidences accumulate and turn into magical experiences. The performance is spectacular, poetic and full of music.

Find here the article 'Mentalism, more than just a trick' which Liv Laveyne wrote for CircusMagazine #45

Facts & Figures

  • outdoor | indoor
  • fixed place
  • Dutch | English | French
  • audience participation
  • 12+
  • 80 minutes
  • 1 or 2 x per day
  • Brussels (BE)
  • Website

Rode Boom brings visual road trips which take the spectator into 'their' reality and far beyond.
Theatre performances interspersed with surreal and symbolic images, which also find their way into the public space. The artistic palette of Kurt Demey intertwines techniques of mentalism and illusion with visual arts and performance.
Rode Boom has produced successful performances such as Horned Man (2008-2009) and La Ville Qui Respire (2010) in the past. Currently Unknown Evidences (2015), Garden of Chance (2019) and We are possible (2019) can be seen on various stages and festivals. At the end of 2021, the new creation The Space in Between / Realities will have its premiere.

Concept, creation & interpretation   Kurt Demey
Compostition & performance   Joris Vanvinckenroye
Scenography   Kurt Demey
Dramaturgy   Frederika del Nero
Direction support   Cédric Orain
Light design   Janneke Donkersloot
Decor construction   Jeronimo Garcia
Interpretation   Cédric Coomans / Frederika del Nero / Peter Michel / Benjamin Mouchette
Big thanks to   Satya Roosens, Peter Michel and Fabien Gruau

Rode Boom

Theater op de Markt – Dommelhof (BE), La Villette – Paris (FR), CNAR Le Boulon – Vieux-Condé (FR), CC De Spil – Roeselare (BE), Miramiro – Gent (BE)

Theater op de Markt (BE), Destelheide (BE), Mediterranean Dance Centre – Svetvincenat & Mala performerska scena / Festival novog cirkusa – Zagreb (CR), La Villette (FR), Miramiro / De Expeditie (BE), CC de Spil (BE), Animakt (FR), Kunstencentrum Diepenheim (NL), CNAR Le Boulon (FR)

With the support of
Flemish Government