New collaboration with Knot on Hands

Last week we started a collaboration with a new Dutch, Belgian, German circus company; Knot on Hands. Freshly graduated from Codarts last June, they explore in Brace for Impact very special and innovative direction of partner acrobatics!

Sunday 20th of October, Knot on Hands won the BNG circus prize. Their unique body language and dynamic balance were seen as a special signature by the jury.

Trois Elephants passent.... in Parc de La Courneuve

Two weeks ago, Cie Oposito performed its Trois Elephants passent… in the enormous Parc départemental Georges-Valbon (Parc de La Courneuve), close to Paris!
The three elephants accompanied by metal phoenixes and a very enthusiastic audience were enjoying a beautiful night under a clear sky.
The Département de Seine-et-Marne made a beautiful registration of the work with the volunteers, the transhumants. We are happy to share this video here with you.

Tall Tales Company and HH Producties unite!

For a while it was ‘up in the air’ but today we are happy to announce a new collaboration!
Tall Tales Company, a young and emerging circus theatre company for Rotterdam (NL) and HH Producties will join forces.
Tall Tales was founded by Harm van der Laan en Maartje Bonarius and since 2013 they’ve been creating a variety of circus theatre performance for the public space and the theatre.
They recently received a grant from the Dutch fund of the arts, FPK, to create new work and be more visible in the world of circus and arts.
We are happy to accompany the team on their new path full of adventures!

Previous news

Cie Dyptik wins ‘Prix Nouveau Talent Chorégraphique 2019'

We are extremely happy and proud to share the news that Souhail Marchiche and Mehdi Meghari of Cie Dyptik have been awarded by the SACD on the 17th of June for ‘Prix Nouveau Talent Chorégraphique 2019 !
A special price and a massive recognition for the whole Dyptik team!

Fresh Street #3 in Ireland

The International Seminar for the Development of Street Arts, ‘Fresh Street’ is ready for its third edition in Galway, Ireland on the 22nd, 23rd, 24th of May.
Besides inspiring speeches, round table conversations and performances, there will be also the occasion to discover the public space on Inis Oírr, one of the Aran Islands. HH Producties is proud to have been able to assist with the preparation and production of this symposium!
Get to know everything about street arts, international cooperation, innovation and audience development. Meet artists, programmers and enthusiastic creative minds.
More info

Gute Reise, Gregor!

Today we received the very sad news that Gregor Wollny has left us after a short period of hospitalisation.

Gregor was an amazing clown bringing smiles and laughter to a huge variety of audiences. At the same time he also was a big inspiration to his fellow artists.
We met in 2008 and worked with him until 2016. Together we toured his performances ‘Zollstock’ and ‘Brot und Spüle’ throughout Europe.
We will never forget how he was rocking Place St. Vincent at Chalon dans la Rue and performing for more than 1000 people!

We will wish his family and friends a lot of courage, love and strength!
Gute Reise Gregor!
Huub & Tanja

Les Commandos Percu at the Sziget Festival in August!

Breaking news!
Les Commandos Percu are more than delighted to let you know that they are going to perform their breath taking show ‘Silence !’ at the Sziget Festival in Hungaria, one of the biggest festivals in Europe! 
Every day from the 7th until the 12th of August 2019, their powerful rhythms intersperse with silence, their coloured bodies dressed up and their pyrotechnic skills will set on fire the Giant Street Theatre.
We are looking forward to see you around in Sziget! And if you can’t wait until August, you can already have a short impression of ‘Silence’ by clicking here (tête à tête festival 2018).

HH Producties’ brand new 2019 brochure has arrived !

You will find inside all the information about the companies we work with, and their outstanding creations that will be your festival or event’s gem.
We have been collaborating with some of our artists for many years, and we are delighted to welcome into our agency dance company Pernette and street theatre company Oposito, both from France and internationally acclaimed.

If you haven’t received our brochure yet, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be very happy to send you one!

Turn on the Lights 2018 !

On Thursday 15th November, thousands of lights of the department store ‘De Bijenkorf’ were lit during Turn on the Lights!
For the past few months, we have been working together with our partner IDTV on the artistic conception of this very festive moment on Dam square, in our own ‘hometown’ Amsterdam.
More than 20.000 people witnessed the ‘Chandelier’ of Transe Express above the Dam surrounded by the beautiful animals of the Lantern Company.
You can get here a short impression of Turn on the Lights!

HH Producties welcomes companies Pernette and Cie Oposito !

We are delighted to let you know that we have started a new collaboration with two French companies this year!
Compagnie Pernette is a celebrated dance company known for its refined aesthetics and very precise choreography. We are happy to present the performance La Figure du baiser.
Compagnie Oposito is one of the biggest and well acclaimed French street theatre company, and imagines new ways to turn the streets into a magical space. Because, don’t you think too that beauty can change the world?
Let us present you Trois Éléphants passent…, Kori Kori and Le Cinématophone.

We can’t wait to find amazing festivals and venues and unusual location where their creations can perform.
Perhaps one of the performance is soon the be seen at your festival?

HH Producties is looking for an allround intern !

HH Producties has a job offer for an enthusiastic and accurate intern from the 4th of February 2019 onwards.
You are flexible, can deal with stress and multitasking, are passionate about outdoor arts and are in the 3rd of 4th year of University or College Education.

More information

Première Sangkhumtha at Chalon dans la Rue !

Only a few weeks to go to Chalon dans la rue!
We are thrilled and excited to invite you for the première of Sangkhumtha, the new creation of Cie Artonik !
After the success of The Color of Time, Artonik has created another wandering performance.
Where ‘The Color of Time’ performed during daytime, Sankghumtha has been created to perform when the sun sets.

Sangkhumtha – creation 2018  performs at 20th and 21st of July 2018 at 22h15
Departure is at esplanade Sainte Marie (Maison des vins/ nr 20 on the map)
More info

Cie Dyptik performs ‘Dans l’Engrenage’ in Avignon !

We are happy to invite you for ‘Dans L’Engrenage’ of Cie Dyptik during the festival of Avignon!
‘Dans L’Engrenage’ is performing from 15 to the 24th of July in La Manufacture. Off day at 19th of July.
Showtime at 17h45!
We are looking forward to see you around in Avignon!
Tickets via
Find here all the information about ‘Dans L’Engrenage’

Research trip to Ethiopia

HH Producties was part of the research trip to Ethiopia organised by the Circo Strada network and Fekat Circus in Addis Ababa!
We had the opportunity to visit a residency centre, the EU Embassy in Addis, Goethe Institut and Alliance-Ethio-Française to learn more about the reality in Addis Ababa and how we could co-operate and exchange on a cultural level.
It was great to meet so many artists from different African countries like Guinee, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Morocco and Mozambique and exchange about the specificities of working in the culture sector in each individual country.
The trip was topped off by a two-day circus festival organised by Fekat Circus.
If you want to learn more about this trip, just drop us a line.

HH Producties’ 2018 brochure is ready!

In 2018, we will continue working with talented companies to offer your festival or event many wonderful shows.
We are proud to add 4 new performances to our booklet this year : “Sangkhumta” by Cie Artonik, “Dans l’Engrenage” by Cie Dyptik, “Nyx” by Gijs van Bon and “Silence!” by Les Commandos Percu.
Find all the information in our brochure. We’d be happy to send it to you if you ask us by e-mail!

Turn on the Lights 2017: a new adventure for HH Producties!

This year, we had the great honour and pleasure to work with IDTV and many amazing partners and create a true fairy tale for de Bijenkorf.
After months of work, the 10th edition of “Turn on the Lights” was presented on Thursday, November 16th on Dam square, at the very centre Amsterdam, with thousands of people attending and a live broadcast on Facebook.
Thanks to the companies who performed – Gratte Ciel, Compagnie des Quidams and Aérosculpture!
Check out this short video to get an overview of the show!

Alain Beauchet left us

We’re deeply devastated that Alain Beauchet co-founder of Cie Artonik suddenly passed away on the 6th of November.
Together with Caro and his team he created magnificent performances which united many different kinds of people in the public space.
Our thoughts are with Caro, Chloé & Léa, his colleagues, the dancers and his family and friends.

Fresh Street #2

After the success of Fresh Street#1 in Barcelona and Tàrrega in 2015; Fresh Street is ready for its second edition! Fresh Street#2, organised by Circo Strada and Imaginarius Festival will take place on the 24th till the 26th of May in Santa Maria da Feira.
Get to know everything about street arts, international cooperation, innovation and audience development. Meet artists, programmers and enthusiastic creative minds.
More information

2017, let us shine in diversity!

2017 has started. 346 days are lying ahead of us. Blank, as an unwritten piece of paper. Slowly, but sometimes also very fast this piece of paper will be filled up. Sometimes in a meticulous, thoughtful handwriting, sometimes the paper will be scribbled while there is so much happening around us.

2017 is going to be an exciting year. We are looking forward to new productions, co-operations and initiatives. But, maybe more important: there will be again a call made upon us as humans this year. We have to question which position we would like to take in our society and which values are truly important to us.

Let us shine in diversity!

Our cultural sector, with its theatre festivals, street festivals, circus festivals, events in public spaces, music festivals and cool projects in unusual locations  is the right place to astonish, surprise others and amaze yourself.

2017, let’s make the most beautiful out of it!

Huub Heye
Tanja Ruiter

Welcome, Cie Concordance !

Cie Concordance and HH Producties join force to tour the performance Bug n’Buzz for the upcoming season.
Cie Concordance is a French company mixing dance and live music to conceive surprising creations.
In Bug n’Buzz, two characters turn an ordinary café terrace into a unique playground, for the greatest pleasure of its customers who become part of the performance.
Please get in touch to receive more information about Bug n’Buzz !

Gloria retires

Message from GLORIA.(channeled thru Chris Davies)
"Now that my touring life has come to an end I just want to say what an absolutely brilliant 13 years I've had travelling the world, meeting thousands of people and feeding hundreds of little piggies. I've had some great adventures including having my tail nicked at a festival in Bruge and losing a nipple in Amsterdam, but it always turned out well in the end. I also enjoyed listening to the different kinds of music that was played in the van on epic journeys and especially loved hearing stories by John Shuttleworth and Garrison Keillor, so many great memories.
Mostly though I want to thank all the the people who have loved and cared for me in all those years, keeping me safe from harm, sheltering me from rain and snow and cooling me down in baking sunshine, so to Edward Taylor, Sue Auty, Ali Wood, Steven Gumbley, Scott Tomlinson, Sonya Moorhead, Mary O'Neill, Mary Gerardine Hooton, Jack Lockhart, Jiminy Hip-Hop, Katy-Anne Bellis, Toots Chitty, Tom Byrne, Jonny Quick, Christian Greenhalgh, Claudia Jazz Haley, Anne Tucker, Esther van Wageningen, (I know there's more but my memory is fading) Big Gigantic Love to you all……I'll never forget you xxx
PS. and to Chris Davies who had the hardest job of all keeping everything in order in the farmyard. Oink."

HH Producties welcomes Cie Dyptik

HH Producties and Cie Dyptik will be working together to tour the performance D-Construction.

Cie Dyptik is a French Hip-Hop and dance company, mixing different dance styles with outstanding music. Their dance piece D-Construction explores the notion of identity with 6 dancers and a metal scaffolding in the midst of the stage.

Contact us to receive more information about the show or come check it out at the Fête de Saint Denis on 1st October or at the Karavel festival in Bron on 22nd October.

La Fausse Compagnie is performing at Viva Cité!

La Fausse Compagnie are proud to perform with Le Chant des Pavillons at Viva Cité for the first time, on 24th, 25th and 26th June 2016.

The 3 musicians wanderers, with their Stroh-violin, Stroh-cello and Stroh-bass, will seek vibrant encounters in the streets of Sotteville-lès-Rouen; making this trip as unpredictable than comical and as sensitive than radiant.
Find out more about the full festival programme

Mentalism, more than just a trick

Mouths drop open in surprise.  Shouts of amazement.  Eyes well up with emotion.  A standing ovation.  Belgium’s champion of magic, Kurt Demey, leaves everything to chance in his latest show, ‘Ongekende evidenties’.  Or does he?  A trip into the art of mentalism.

Find here the article which Liv Laveyne wrote for CircusMagazine #45

Circus Katoen has been selected by CircusNext 2015-2016!

CircusNext is the most important European platform which traces and supports new circus talents. From 25 until 28 November 2015 the selection week of CircusNext was held in Neerpelt; during these days 15 artists/companies presented a work in progress and they were interviewed extensively by the international jury members. Seven projects would finally be selected. And great news: Circus Katoen is one of them!


Circostrada Network, in collaboration with FiraTàrrega, organised FRESH STREET#1 - a European seminar for the development of street arts on September 9-10-11 2015 in Barcelona and Tàrrega (Spain).
HH Productions is proud to have participated in the preparation and production of this seminar!
You can have a look of the program here
A first report (video) of FRESH STREET#1 can be found here

Fresh Street #1

From 9 to 11 September 2015, Circostrada Network will organise in Barcelona and Tàrrega the first edition of FRESH STREET, European seminar on the development of street arts, in partnership with FiraTàrrega and with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Catalonia and the Institut Ramon Llull.
Find out the programme with the names of the key witnesses and speakers attending this not-to-be-missed event of the sector.
HH Producties is proud to be one of the members of the workgroup which organises this event!


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